Finally, something to do all summer long.

With Play Unplugged, gone are the days of bored kids. Make summer fun again by getting Unplugged.

What do your kids call you?

How does it work?

For Families

  • Pick which Brag Badges to do with your kids. When your child completes the activity, go to the sponsoring business to pick up the badge.
  • Each badge has points called "brags". Create rewards your kids "purchase" from their earned brags. A reward can be anything from money to a family vacation, you decide.
  • Watch your kids willingly and enthusiastically stay active throughout the summer, without coming to you constantly saying "I'm bored".

For Businesses

  • Chose a Brag Badge to sponsor. Each badge has been designed especially to be highly collectable.
  • Determine what kids should do in order to earn your badge. The more the badge is worth, the more difficult the requirements should be.
  • Suddenly find the number of people coming to your business has increased substantially. Use this opportunity to talk about your business and services. Learn More from our sponsor section.
Put down the remotes! Get acive with Family Unplugged.

But don't just take our word for it.

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