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Play Unplugged Helps Henderson Kids Return to 'Real Play' Activities

HENDERSON, NV - August 19, 2015 - Play Unplugged is coming to Henderson, NV to help reduce the time kids spend in front of video games and televisions. The innovative and new program has already helped tens of thousands of kids in Utah and will be completely free to all Henderson families and begins in early September 2015. Currently the Clark County School District and the Henderson Chamber of Commerce endorse Play Unplugged and Dignity Health is a main sponsor.

"Play Unplugged gives parents a solution for their kids when it comes to childhood obesity, preventing diabetes and helping them avoid the growing health issue of screen addictions," said Play Unplugged Founder Erik Rowland. "Play Unplugged is the most effective program to successfully get kids motivated to be more active, use their imagination and develop the critical social skills that this generation is lacking due to spending excessive time playing video games and the growing issue of digital addiction."

Play Unplugged's model is simple; local businesses sponsor 'Brag Badges' which are fun, collectible plastic tags that kids earn by passing off a prerequisite and usually requiring the child to do an activity such as ride a bike, take a mile walk, learn a new skill or help with chores. These Brag Badges are completely free to any and all kids who perform the required activity and provide the necessary proof to the sponsoring business who hands out the tags. Pass off a requirement and the child earns a free collectible Brag Badge!

Business owners use Play Unplugged as an effective marketing tool to showcase their products/services to prospective clients while they hand out the Brag Badges, because the program greatly increases the foot traffic of parents into the business storefronts. However businesses cannot charge or require a purchase for a Brag Badge. This rule is crucial in order to make the program completely free for any and all kids. Keeping the program free is why Play Unplugged is a perfect, economical solution for any family who wants to get their kids away from video games and get them outside during the school recess and vacation.

"Many parents call or write us to tell us how much fun Play Unplugged is and how happy they are it came to their area," said Play Unplugged Founder Corbin Gordon. "We are always amazed at how many families are impacted by Play Unplugged and the results they see in their own kids and being able to spend time with them doing real play activities rather than playing video games or watching television."

The program also brings a sense ownership to one's community and allows city leaders and police officers who sponsor Brag Badges an opportunity to interact in a positive manner with those in the community.

"Kids really love the Brag Badges," said Taylor Knight who is a Utah mother of several kids who are currently involved in Play Unplugged. "There's a story behind all of (their badges) and how they got them."

Play Unplugged is currently operating in 15 Utah metropolitan areas and three cities in Idaho and Wyoming where kids have earned several hundred thousand Brag Badges this summer. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that one in three American children are overweight or obese and the Kaiser Family Foundation's study shows that the average 8- to 10-year-old spends nearly eight hours a day with a variety of different media, and older children and teenagers spend more than 11 hours per day.

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